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I have access to a server with SSH and for some reason I want to LOCK/Password protect or encrypt the home partition. Its very important for me to do it in the best possible way, I don't want anyone crack and access to that data unless I tell them the password or the way. (they have physical access to the server but I don't) In the windows few years ago I installed a third party program which after I set a password with this program to a partition NO-ONE could get access to that without the password.... I'm looking for a similar program to do it in linux.


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TrueCrypt works fine under Linux. And it's regarded as secure as long is your password is strong enough.

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The linux-native solution is dmcrypt and made easier through the use of LUKS and the cryptsetup tool. Each distribution has their own way of managing encrypted partitions, so the instructions do vary somewhat from one distro to another.

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