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A user just emailed me saying he could not complete registration in my website. I just checked and already found out it's the recaptcha that is causing the problem.

I have been using this recaptcha php library and it has been working perfectly for more than 3 years until today:

The recaptcha displays successfully when the registration page loads, but it says Could not open socket when it tries to contact the during captcha verification.

I suspect there's something wrong with, when I ping it, it redirects to

Is this normal?

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Yes, this is normal. ReCaptcha is a Google product, and one of the names of the server that serves it, is indeed, and here's a screenshot nslookup from my machine (below) for you to look at.

nslookup/ping results

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Now I know what is the real problem, has no problem at all. It's my web hosting who silently disabled the fsockopen php function (which is used to contact the verification server) for security reasons. I just called them to enable it to temporarily solve my problem. – bobo Aug 27 '12 at 8:14

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