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We have the following url we would like to proxy cache:


Query string parameter "parameter" varies between requests. So does "paramater2".

Query stringing parameter r is a timestamp we use to make sure the client doesn't serve cached (on the client side) content. Aka "cache buster". Yes we also use all the appropriate don't cache h headers.

Now, we would like to proxy cache via nginx some of these requests. Is it possible to instruct nginx to ignore the r querystring param but use all the others when setting a cache key for the entry? If we can't ignore param r then the nginx proxy cache will be useless as each cache key will be unique.


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We have found a solution to this question.

The correct method of doing this is to construct a cache key by using nginx $arg_... variables. $arg_... will contain query string parameters. So in the above example we would use $arg_parameter and $arg_parameter2 within the cache key.

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