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There's a AWS metadata service which provides some information about the EC2 instance that issues a request to I'm wondering if there's a way to know from that metadata if the instance is "Spot" or "On Demand"?

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The information is not available inside the metadata.

However, you can get the instance ID from the metadata, then call ec2-describe-instances to get instance information about your instance. Inside that instance description is the spot instance request ID. If blank, then it's not a spot instance, otherwise, it's a spot instance.

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Nice! Thanks, I've been looking for this for a while and must have overlooked it when looking at the instance data. – SaxDaddy Dec 26 '15 at 9:32

I don't believe they have this information in the metadata.

You could assign a different profile for instances you launch as spot instances and use the profile name to determine what type of instance it is. If that doesn't seem like a clean or viable solution you can always grab the instance-id from the meta data then run the command ec2-describe-spot-instance-requests --filter instance-id=<instanceid> if the command returns empty than the instance is not a spot instance, if the command returns with data then it's a spot instance.

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