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I have a scenario where I need to run an application through hardware HTTPS load balancing that does round-robin. Clients will authenticate through pre-issued certificates from a standalone root CA that are one-to-one mapped via IIS. The clients are not AD authenticated only certificate.

My questions are:

Assumption is the same base-64 cert can be used on both IIS7.5 servers? Is there any way to 'share' a central certificate repository like Apache for multiple web servers?

If the user initiates connection to node 1, HLB points them to node 2 on a refresh, will they be required to authenticate again by selecting a certificate in their browser?

There is most likely an issue with ASP session state which will be handled through SQL, will this also be required for one-to-one mapping? Does ASP hold any session state information at the client certificate level or is this a one off handshake type function?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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