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Is best to put the fastcgi_pass directive in the fastcgi_params file for NGiNX, or to explicitly state it in the location for \.php$?

Or does it not really matter?

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You want to put it directly in the location block, because the fastcgi_params file is intended to be shared by multiple blocks which can pass to a different FastCGI server. The fastcgi_params also gets rid of the "noise" of all the paramater definitions which are not important most of the time, but the fastcgi_pass directive is always important when dealing with configurations. Lastly, the name fastcgi_params implies that it only contains fastcgi_param directives -- using it for other directives will confuse others (and probably you in a couple months) trying to understand the configuration.

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Good points. I was curious, because I felt the same way about the confusion part. In their full example they have a fastcgi_index directive listed in their fastcgi_conf file, which I found rather odd. However, it is named fastcgi_conf, rather than fastcgi_params, which makes slightly more sense. – nojak Aug 27 '12 at 23:47

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