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In CentOS I have a compiled version of PHP but it is missing IMAP module. Is it possible to add that module without re-compiling php?

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Yes, you can just download the source of your current version, untar it, go the the ext/imap directory of the untared source then run:


You might need to run ./configure with some options specifiying the imap libraries used like:

  --with-imap=DIR       Include IMAP support. DIR is the c-client install prefix
  --with-imap-ssl=DIR     IMAP: Include SSL support. DIR is the OpenSSL install prefix

After you compiled the module you should located it under ext/imap/modules, it should be named like ext/imap/modules/ You need to move this further to the extension_dir directory that you can get by running php -i | grep extension_dir or by createing a php file that will say <?php phpinfo(); ?> and run it from the web interface after which search for extension_dir on the result page.

After you've moved the module file you'll need to add a line in the php.ini file(or create an .ini file in the additional .ini files directory) that will say:

After that you'll need to restart your web-server or php-fpm service in case you're using php-fpm.

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