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Does anyone know of a GUI for the configuration and management of a Jabber(2) server on Linux? Shows logged-in users, allows you to ban/remove users, general configuration and monitoring?

Looking for recommendations from people who have used it!

Thanks in advance!

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The Openfire server is an Jabber server that has a pretty slick GUI built in:

I used this for over a year at a previous position and never had any interoperability issues with the common desktop clients or with iChat.

It's GPL licensed, though they have some other products (also Jabber based I believe) aimed at businesses.

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You can check out webmin. They have a Jabber module. I have never used it, but it is there. Good luck, hope that helps.

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Thanks RascalKing, will check it out. Not sure if webmin is overkill tho :) – Aiden Bell Jul 17 '09 at 16:45

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