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HAProxy has a very nice status page showing me which webservers are up and which ones are down on the backend. I am trying to debug some issues and need to know which servers nginx thinks are up and which ones it thinks are down. Is there a web page or something that you can configure for nginx so I can just hit a url when I need this type of information?

thanks, Dean

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There are a couple of modules you may want to check out:

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Unfortunately this is almost impossible out of the box. vanila nginx has not global state for upstream by design so this information is local for every worker process.

Take a look at this module seems may be useful for you

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A year late to this reply but ustats module for nginx looks pretty impressive:

moved to github

Unfortunately doesn't seem maintained after 1.2 but might still work.

Found a maintained fork

1.7.2 patch still works against 1.7.4 perfectly

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