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I currently have my apc.gc_ttl set to 600 to help keep fragmentation down.

Since apc.gc_ttl just sets the time on cache for garbage collection, I don't see any harm in keeping it this low.

However, I'm new to APC, and have seen many configurations online that use a 3600 TTL, which seems quite long to me for garbage collection cache...

Is 600 too low? Is 3600 too high?

As I'm sure mileage varies on this setup, is there a good rule of thumb to follow?

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600 is not low for apc.gc_ttl and 3600 is actually the default value, you are right that it will vary on different installations, I have mine set to 600 as well.

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Thanks, good to know. – nojak Aug 28 '12 at 23:36

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