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Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any decent guides for a MySQL server infrastructure.

We are currently looking to implement a infrastructure that can handle 180+ queries per a second? This is from a hardware point of view (VMware based/CentOS VM).

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This is impossible to answer.
Pretty much any server can handle >180 q/s of SELECT 1; queries, but that is probably not what you want.

It highly depends on many factors.

Are all the queries sent to your server the same?
Only SELECTs or also changes of data?
Can you cache query results?
How big are your DBs?
How big are the results/changes?
Complex queries?

In the end you will need to benchmark this on your own.

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benchmark, gather trending, experiment. if queries are index-based and 'touch' very few rows; if the index [or even better whole data set] fits in memory - you can handle much more requests per second.

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