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I'm a C# developer, but I'm running in a system management issue here.


I'm suspecting that an ASP.NET application is having some issues with the connection pool and that the pool is flooding from time to time. So to make sure, I want to monitor the connection pool. After some searching I found this article: Ensure Proper SQL Server Connection Pooling.

Basically it explains stuff about connection pools and how you can monitor the application pool with performance monitor.

The problem:

So I logged in to the ASP.NET server(The SQL database is hosted on a different server) which hosts the web site. I started performance monitor, but when I want to select 'Current # pooled and nonpooled connections', I have no instance to select. Therefore I can't add it.


How can I create/supply an instance so I can monitor the connection pool?

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It seems that this is just a bug. To work around it, just select the counter group: '.net data provider for sql server', which supplies the same counters and do work. (Or oracle if you use an orcle database server).

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