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I would like to forward Windows Events Logs from all my desktop clients to a Linux box with rsyslog on.

Rsyslog provide a Windows agent to do just that but its 40 euros per license and when you have x amount of machines that cost adds up.

I was wondering if there is a FOSS alternative available I have tried searching the Google but haven't managed to find anything.

Hopefully someone might already faced this same problem and are using an alternative that they could recommend.

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  1. Snare Agent for Windows
  2. Datagram SyslogAgent
  3. eventlog-to-syslog
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Brilliant, thanks very much. – SamCulley Aug 30 '12 at 12:35

You might be also interested in nxlog as it provides a wealth of features such as rfc5424 syslog format, TLS/SSL, filtering, rewrite, etc. (note: I'm affiliated with the project).

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