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I have just created a VM in VMWare and installed a minimal install of Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3.

# cat /etc/oracle-release
Oracle Linux Server release 6.3

It is running with the UEK kernel.

# uname -r

When I try and install VMWare Tools, I get the following error.

Searching for a valid kernel header path...
The path "" is not a valid path to the 2.6.39-200.24.1.el6uek.x86_64 kernel
Would you like to change it? [yes]

I have version 2.6.39 of the UEK installed, but the kernel-uek-headers are only 2.6.32.

# yum list kernel-uek
Installed Packages
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.24.1.el6uek            @anaconda-UEK2/6.3
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.29.3.el6uek            @ol6_UEK_latest

# yum list kernel-uek-headers
Installed Packages
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.32.2.el6uek           @ol6_latest

And it appears that the headers for 2.6.39 aren't there.

# yum list kernel-uek-headers --showduplicates
Installed Packages
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.32.2.el6uek           @ol6_latest
Available Packages
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.5.el6              ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.9.el6              ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.11.el6             ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.15.el6             ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.17.el6             ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.34.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.35.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.36.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-100.37.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-200.16.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-200.19.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-200.20.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-200.23.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.3.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.4.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.7.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.11.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.20.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.21.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.24.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.25.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.27.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.29.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.29.2.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.32.1.el6uek           ol6_latest
kernel-uek-headers.x86_64           2.6.32-300.32.2.el6uek           ol6_latest

The kernel for 2.6.32 is there.

# yum list kernel-uek --showduplicates
Installed Packages
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.24.1.el6uek            @anaconda-UEK2/6.3
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.29.3.el6uek            @ol6_UEK_latest
Available Packages
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.5.el6               ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.9.el6               ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.11.el6              ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.15.el6              ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.28.17.el6              ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.34.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.35.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.36.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-100.37.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-200.16.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-200.19.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-200.20.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-200.23.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.3.1.el6uek             ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.4.1.el6uek             ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.7.1.el6uek             ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.11.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.20.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.21.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.24.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.25.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.27.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.29.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.29.2.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.32.1.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.32-300.32.2.el6uek            ol6_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-100.5.1.el6uek             ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-100.6.1.el6uek             ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-100.7.1.el6uek             ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-100.10.1.el6uek            ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.24.1.el6uek            ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.29.1.el6uek            ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.29.2.el6uek            ol6_UEK_latest
kernel-uek.x86_64           2.6.39-200.29.3.el6uek            ol6_UEK_latest

Should I downgrade the kernel to 2.6.32 so I can install VMWare tools? Is there another way to get the kernel-uek-headers package for the 2.6.39 UEK?

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According to this topic, kernel-uek-headers may not be needed any more.

Follow this howto to install kernel-uek-devel package, patch the installation script and try again.

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Just bumped into this one myself. This command will download the correct headers:

yum install kernel-uek-devel-`uname -r`

This one returns a newer version, which is enough to throw the script a curve ball. I did my installation on VMWare Workstation 8.0.4.

yum kernel-uek-devel
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