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I am using Asterisk and a MySQL database connected via ODBC to store CDRs. When my MySQL database isn't available when Asterisk starts or has an outage while Asterisk is running, I would expect Asterisk to retry to connect to the database, but this doesn't happen! Anyone knows where I can enable some kidn of automatic reconnect to databases in Asterisk?

My res_odbc.conf looks like this:

enabled => yes
dsn => asterisk-connector
username => user
password => pass
pre-connect => yes
pooling => no
limit => 1
idlecheck => 1
negative_connection_cache => 1
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Usualy it do reconnect on next realtime request.

Try this set

idlecheck => 300; ( will check connection in pool every 5 minutes)
connect_timeout => 5; ( how long to wait on reconnect)
negative_connection_cache=>10 ;( how long wait before reconnect)
pre-connect = yes; will allow you check if connection ok by issue "realtime show odbc status"

Also i recomend set limit to more then 1.

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