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I'm doing front-end web development in a Solaris 10 / Sun Java System Web Server 7.0U2 environment. I have noticed that changes to static css or javascript files often do not take effect immediately, whereas changes to static html files always do. My best guess is that a default setting in the web server causes it to cache certain file types in order to provide reasonable performance out of the box. I don't have the admin server running--I'll need to edit the config files by hand. What change(s) can I make so that all of my css and javascript edits take effect immediately?


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The solution to my problem was to add nocache="" beneath the appropriate Service directive in obj.conf.

Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST)" type="*~magnus-internal/*" fn="send-file"

Placing the directive elsewhere in the file resulted in an error when starting the server.

This document was helpful: Tuning Sun ONE Web Server

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You are correct caching is enabled by default. To disable it using the command-line-interface, use wadm set-file-cache-prop and set the enabled property to false.

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