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This is probably a long shot. Is there a way to download the technet library of ISO files (not just the documentation but the actual software) without having to go to each file, download?

I have the professional version and opted not to get the DVD set sent to me. I would like to download the most recent versions of the software but having to go to each file individually gets cumbersome after a while.

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You don't really want to do this. There are language packs, pre-sp versions and a bunch of other stuff that you are never going to need.

For example, there are about 10 copies of Windows 7. You don't need all 10. Plus one version of x86 and amd64 for each.

Anyhow the short answer is no, because the new interface for technet/msdn is Ajax which means traditional scrapers won't work, and the URLs are hashed and verified with cookies.

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I knew about that part, was hoping there was a nice list of all the files for Technet Pro, I could grep out the unwanted and just pump the rest through a download manager. – jinanwow Sep 9 '12 at 21:02

Microsoft used to implement an ActiveX downloader control for a lot of the downloads, especially those that were DVD sized because they were so big. They may have gotten rid of it. Not sure.

Regardless, it allowed you to download as many as you wanted and would simply queue them up in a list. You could pause and resume the downloads as well. I'd say you could find a tool to do this but the servers may reset the connection after a while so it may be hard to download too much stuff after a while.

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MSDN and TechNet use the Microsoft File Transfer Manager to download content. You're correct in that you can queue multiple downloads and pause and resume downloads but you still need to select them one at a time. there's no way that I know of to select all of your available downloads at once. – joeqwerty Sep 2 '12 at 5:26

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