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I am running an Ubuntu guest machine through my Windows 7 host machine (with Virtualbox), and on the Ubuntu system running an application that uses port 6969. Through configuring the Virtualbox port forwarding settings I have made it possible that I can go to in my browser and see the application's default page.

However, I'm wondering how I can port forward from my Windows 7 machine to the whole network. My local network (IPv4) address is I want to be able to go to from any computer on the network and see the application.

I've searched Google but can only seem to find solutions in Linux, not Windows. How can I do this?

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Do you want the same IP address on host and guest? How about setting up a network bridge to the guest (I don't know how in Windows) and let the guest get its own IP address via DHCP? – Skaperen Sep 2 '12 at 19:33
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Add a port forwarding of port 6969/tcp from host to guest, either via the GUI or on the commandline (replace VM_NAME with the actual name of your VM).

VBoxManage modifyvm VM_NAME --natpf1 "webapp,tcp,,6969,,6969"
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