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RPSystems seem to no longer exist, as does their utility antrid to change lotus domino replica ids.

Whilst this is not a std admin question, this is a utility used by (almost) every Notes Administrator, hence my post here.

Anyone know where to find this great utility used by many Lotus Domino Admins?


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ANTRID is being re-released soon as a free tool. – user267698 Jan 29 at 16:42

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I found a utility from called ScanEZ. That does the trick.

Much faster than doing a File > New Copy for a db 55Gb in size.

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Here is a good document about ScanEZ and changing IDs: – BastianW Sep 14 '12 at 6:10
There is a new version of anrtid now, working for 9.0.1 - – SydxPages Mar 5 at 3:39

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