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I have a Toshiba Lifebook P1120 (800.0 MHz CPU - 256.0 MB RAM) that I am trying to install ArchLinux on.

It doesn't have a CD/DVD drive (you need an external) and it cannot boot from a USB stick. So, I have to install over PXE. I've setup ArchBoot (see here for that) and got that going just fine.

The problem is that it hangs on "Unpacking initramfs..." for a good 30 to 40 minutes, then the screen goes blank and I can't interact at all.

I've tried with both the latest and the previous version of ArchBoot and with both i686 and Dual architecture.

Can anyone help? I love Arch, I'd hate to have to resort to installing another distro on this little laptop.

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Try to disable acpi. In "normal" situation you just type acpi=off at the end of kernel init string. Just like this for pxelinux.cfg:

DEFAULT rescue
LABEL rescue
KERNEL kernel
APPEND <--other-options-here--> rw noacpi pci=noacpi acpi=off apm=off
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ok. I love necroposting. ;) –  Paul Kole Feb 11 '13 at 19:44

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