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I'm looking for a Windows feature or third-party tool that can produce a list of active processes (as in the task manager) with the command line used to start each process.

e.g. if I launch "php.exe -q script.php" in a command line, during the execution of my process, I'd like to see this command in the list and not only "php.exe"

Tasklist, process explorer, taskinfo... can't give this information and/or make it available in a text format. Do you know if such tools/features exist?


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wmic process list full /format:htable > wmic_task_list.html


wmic process get Name,ProcessId,CommandLine /format:table > wmic_task_list.txt

See wmic process list /format /? or wmic process get /format /? for a list of valid output formats.

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On my system table worked with normal user rights, while htable as well as the other XSL-based formats required admin privileges. – Ansgar Wiechers Sep 3 '12 at 20:01

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