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I have an SSH+Samba server so people can access its files from anywhere on the network.

I thought it would be also interesting to provide access through a web interface, so they can access the files even when they don't have access to the VPN or a Samba/SSH client. Something like the Ubuntu One or Dropbox web interface.

The http server could be on the same machine as the SSH+Samba, so it should just provide access to local files and some way to login with their username/password.

Someone knows any software like this?

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There is the WebDAV protocol. It should be possible to use it to get web access to your data. There are also predefined WebDAV modules for Apache available.

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WebDAV is the first thing that comes to mind. You can use something like mod_auth_external to have your users use their same passwords by using PAM to authenticate. It is a very good idea to run WebDAV over SSL so your users aren't sending passwords in the clear over the Internet.

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Another solution is to install a script for this. Some examples written in PHP:

These will offer you a web-based interface, although it may not be as polished as the ones you mention. For these to work, you will of course need a webserver and PHP.

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