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I have a dedicated server running php with dso handler, I am including a global config.php from one account into all the other accounts. This works fine on apache when opening the sites via browser.

But I also have some cron jobs, and there i get "permissions denied" error when trying to include the config.php file.

The main config.php is in user1 account, so I tried adding user2 (which includes user1 config.php) to the user1 group, but that didn't worked, the error still persist.

How could I fix it without having to modify all the files that include the main config.php file?


i "fixed" it by adding the user2 to the nobody group. It seems to work fine, but could it generate some other problems?

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Every web server uses Effective uid and gid ,

Definition :

Effective username and group name are defined in /etc/passwd and /etc/group

For example apache on Debian distro uses www-data group and www-data user. You should set your web data to them.Such as :

chown www-data.www-data YOURROOTDIR/ -R

Suggestion :

You should find out to how set your distro its effective uid and gid.Then act to chown.Because each distro uses one effective uid and gid.

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