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I've been having some performance problmes lately with my ecommerce package ( + SQL Server) running on Hyper-V based VPS so I am thinking about switching my VPS for a faster one.

To evaluate a VPS before migration I need a simple (preferably free or inexpensive) benchmark that would test come CPU/mem/disk performance and could be run on windows (VPS).

A nice-to-have feature would be ability to take into account server load. In essence I am looking for something that can take into account that server CPU is on average 80% loaded and take that into account when producing a score.

I hope I am making sense :-). Thanks!

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If you are running Hyper-V and wish to look at the performance on its current machine then I recommend the following article on How to Monitor Hyper-V Performance. Has come in handy in the past. I am not aware of any tools that can look at the performance of the Hyper-V layer which are inexpensive.

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