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I have bought a DL160 G6 server (Product number: 490427R-001 ) and it does not come with a hardware RAID card. I am trying to set up a VMWare Esxi server and as such I would need a hardware RAID card. I am just wondering if there is any card that would fit into the chassis? Would a P200i fits? How about a P400? Also, would there be any non-HP RAID card that will do the magic too? I have 4 SATA 160GB hard drives already plugged in.

Thanks a lot!

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You should purchase one of the supported controllers for this server. That really only includes the Smart Array P212, P410 and P812 controllers. If you're planning to use this with VMWare, you'll want to purchase the card with a battery-backed or flash-backed cache. I typically recommend the Smart Array P410, as it's readily available, will fit in either slot on the server and won't require any additional parts.

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The P410 card is supported by both your DL160 G6 and all recent versions of ESXi, I'd recommend the P410/512 version which is part number 578230-B21.

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Thanks, do I need a raiser card for DL160? – zhuanyi Sep 4 '12 at 14:41
If you only have the 2-disk version (P/N: 518593-B21) then you'll need the 4-disk version (P/N: 512181-B21) instead. – Chopper3 Sep 4 '12 at 14:55

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