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In a typical browser, when we set a proxy server, we can define a list of hostnames/IP addresses that are not to use the proxy server. How do we accomplish the same thing when using $http_proxy? I rely on setting $http_proxy to use the proxy server in Chromium on Linux but there're certain IP addresses on the intranet that I need to bypass the proxy settings for.


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Try setting variable named no_proxy in following manner

$ export no_proxy=localhost,,,,

But if you do this in the command line, you will have to do it again each time you open a new terminal window. If you want those settings to be persistent, put this very command inside your .profile file under $HOME (read this answer if you want to understand better what this .profile file is).

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A very helpful answer. I would add that if you're using curl/wget or other command line tool, you'd want to do:

export no_proxy=localhost,,,,

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