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I'm having some trouble with some network setup. I've tried OpenVPN, SocialVPN, Hamachi, still it is not working.
This is my setup:
Server A: NIC 1 with internet public address, NIC 2 to LAN
Client B PC: NIC 1 ( connects to router
Client B Device: (Configured via software, can't do much here)

Server A must connect to cliente device B. (I can install software needed at Client B PC).
However... I can't change the router to some model with VPN like Draytek or Cisco :(
Also, I Client B doesn't need to talk to Server A LAN.

OpenVPN fails at bridging, PC B can ping Server A, but Server A can't ping Device B, only PC B.
What else can I do?!?!?

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Here is the list of alternative apps for F2F / P2PVPN. – BBK Jan 4 at 11:42

Solved! Client B shares NIC 1 with OpenVPN and it's ok. Also, IPforwarding must be enabled at registry (Win7). No need to mess around OpenVPN bridged mode.

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