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We need a reliable spell check application for Internet Explorer (running IE6, 7 & 8) for our corporation. Currently other browsers are not part of our standard PC build, nor does security and networking wish to add one at this time.

Could you please recommend a integral spell check option for IE we could use across our enterprise. It must support localization.

Thank you.


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It's funny when somebody uses IE6, but does not want to install any other browser for SECURITY reasons :). np. Firefox can be run as portable app, so there is no need to install it. – user16526 Sep 23 '09 at 13:06

The Google Toolbar provides a bunch of features, including spellchecking and works with IE6 and 7 (I have not tested it on 8). Google does have an Enterprise version of the toolbar and also has a google group on using and setting it up.


This is the only one I'm aware of:


The addon IE7Pro has an integrated spell checker as well as a bunch of other features. One caveat is that it does not play well with IE 8


Perhaps you can use GPO to push out IESpell to your workstations?


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