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I need to test a high-volume email application. Up to now, I've just been using gmail ad-hoc aliases ( to receive emails and see that the content is right. However, I now need to verify a recipient list, which means I need to get every single email that goes out on a particular test run. The problem with Google isn't clear, but there's some throttling somewhere (perhaps from SendGrid, who is my delivery provider), and only a very small number of those emails ever make it to my acount.

So: what's a practical way to get where I want to be? Is there a way to get gmail to just accept everything? Is there a web app / service somewhere that will let me throw up a fake email address that can receive for a large number of recipients? Is there something else?

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You're over-thinking this. I really hate having to state the obvious but you could just set up a mail server using whatever OS and software takes your fancy and create as many mailboxes as you require.

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Well..some of this "overthinking" is trying at all costs to avoid the IT department. They aren't helpful. – Ben Collins Sep 5 '12 at 12:53
Well, not at all costs. – Ben Collins Sep 5 '12 at 13:09

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