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I want to monitor an apache server. Primary goal is to detect if MaxClients gets reached, but later other values, too.

I looked at the nagios plugins, but most plugins seem to parse the HTML of the status page. I think this is an ugly solution. Is there any better way to get the server status?

Log file checking is not part of this question.

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You don't need to parse HTML - Apaches mod_status is capable of producing output well-suitable for regex parsing when called with the ?auto parameter (i.e. http://your-server/server-status/?auto). Depending on what monitoring system you need this to work with, there may or may not be a working / well-tested collector for this kind of thing.

As an example, take a look at how it is done in OpenNMS:

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OK, this output looks parsable. – guettli Sep 5 '12 at 14:28

You could try and compile MOD-APACHE-SNMP which is here. You would use SNMP to collect your data if that is in fact an opinion for you. You can build a nice poller or use something like MTRG to do this for you.

Personally, I like @syneticon-dj's solution better. It could be simply that i'm bias to opennms. Love the product, the support and this is the solution i use.

NOTE i've only heard of MOD-APACHE-SNMP and have not actually used it.

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