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We have multiple projects to be monitored with Munin, and naturally we have a separate Munin server for each project.

But now that we're using Munin 2.0 + Nginx/fcgi and it's scalable with many munin-nodes, I'm thinking if it's possible to co-host all projects with a single Munin server.

Requirements are:

  • Access control: an owner of a project can't view another project's munin graphs
  • Maintainability: Single binary update on the server

Is it possible?

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I got an answer from Adrien "ze" Urban on the IRC channel - it's possible, and there's documentation for that, written by him. Munin sure has a cool community!

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Hi! interesting post! I've checked the link you provided and I don't understand how nginx helps to the feature of the "owner of graph project can't view graps of other projects". I mean, once you have entered user and password, you can change links and navigate inside munin, right? Thanks – Rubendob Jul 9 '15 at 8:06

On a related note, there is a hosted version of munin that can provide this functionality for you.

(full disclosure; I'm affiliated with this service)

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