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I did a re-mapping of a MAC address to a different IP address in the dhcpd.conf file and restart the dhcpd service.

Say initially it was like,

host host1 { hardware ethernet 00:56:9D:5E:45:6D; fixed-address; }

I changed it to,

host host1 { hardware ethernet 00:56:9D:5E:45:6D; fixed-address; }

As you can see above the IP address changed to

I did a dhclient -r in the client machine and restarted the network service (service network restart) and did a dhclient again.

Futhermore, I see no trace of or in the dhcpd.lease file after and I haven't made any IP static assigment in the client machine.

Can anybody help?

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run the commands with the -v option to get more information: dhclient -r -v and dhclient -v. –  Ansgar Wiechers Sep 6 '12 at 15:20
Ansgar Wiechers: Hi, I think, the dhcp server is holding on something thing memory. I'm not sure though. I have also tried clearing out the dhcpd.lease and dhcpd.lease~ to reset everything. But still the client is being offered the same IP address everytime. –  SSaikia_JtheRocker Sep 7 '12 at 10:09

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