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I have a server with 2 hard drives and a dedicated attached storage device. On the server with 2 hard drives I will install Sharepoint in raid 1 configuration. Should and most importantly can I install and run SQL on the storage device or should I just install SQL on the same HDD as the OS and Sharepoint but put the databases on the DAS?

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This isn't really possible to answer with the information given - your answer depends on the size and complexity of the sharepoint sites you intend to host; for example the first thing I do when planning a sharepoint farm is think about seperating the sharepoint and SQL Server installs completely. –  RobM Sep 9 '12 at 16:22
I currently have my Sharepoint install on the C drive (500gb)and SQL on the E drive (500gb)and everything runs fine and still good on room. I want some redundacy so I want to move my SQL install onto the DAS and mirror the Sharepoint (and OS) between the c and e drives. The DAS has 12 600gb harddrives so I have plenty of room for this type of setup. I just need to know if this is OK or just dumb. –  Todd Sep 10 '12 at 0:45

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