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i downloaded a openvz template for my lxc server to create a new centos 6.3 guest. Now the guest is not starting because udev is hanging in the boot process. Last time i didn't had this problem but now i have to disable or remove udev from the guest.

How can this be done?

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First you have to confirm which udev version you have installed. run this command rpm -q udev If you have udev installed then this will show you the name and version of rpm. then you want to remove udev without removing dependencies for this run this command rpm -e your udev rpm name --nodeps for example rpm -e udev-095-14.24.el5 --nodeps

I hope this will solve your problem.

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Just stumbled across this issue

excluding udev* in yum.conf for example just causes a ball ache with future upgrades etc.

I'd suggest commenting "/sbin/start_udev" out of


..for good measure I also blank the bastard out (I so very passionately hate udev):

cp /dev/null /sbin/start_udev

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