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I'm trying to forward metrics from gmetad to graphite/carbon. After configuring carbon_server and ganglia_prefix in gmetad.conf gmetad starts losing metrics.

gmetad Version is 3.3.5, carbon/whisper/graphite-web is 0.9.8.

There is no I/O bottleneck on the system and no CPU bottleneck (HP DL385G7 with 2 SSDs in RAID0), I even configured another gmetad on a remote host to send metrics to graphite/carbon, which also broke down.

Does anyone else experience this?

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Please show us the details configuration? Can you telnet to gmetad port? – quanta Sep 10 '12 at 20:38
gmetad runs perfectly, as soon as I add carbon_server and ganglia_prefix some threads in gmetad start segfaulting and rrds are not updated. – Falk Stern Sep 12 '12 at 8:33
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Got that fixed with two small bash & perl scripts (dirty hack ahead)


use XML::Simple; 

$now = time;
$ref = XMLin("-");
$clustername = $ref->{"CLUSTER"}{"NAME"};
foreach (@{$ref->{"CLUSTER"}{"HOST"}}) {
    $hostname = $_->{"NAME"};
    $hostname =~ s/\./_/g;
    $hostname = "".$clustername.".".$hostname; 
    foreach (@{$_->{"METRIC"}}) {
        print "$hostname".".".$_->{"NAME"}." ".$_->{"VAL"}." ".$now."\n";


while true ; do 
    nc localhost 8649 | /usr/local/bin/ | nc -q1  localhost 2003
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I had the same issue, but the above perl script isn't working for me (fails with an error "Not an ARRAY reference at").

However, I think I found a fix. Just ensure carbon_server is an IP address without quotes. That seems to work just fine for me:

carbon_server a.b.c.d
carbon_port 2003
graphite_prefix "ganglia"
write_rrds off
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