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Is there a best practice (for performance reasons or otherwise) for choosing between using a Virtual Host or rewrite for pointing a subdomain to a folder in the root directory?

I.e., -> public_html/ -> public_html/

The above can be accomplished by setting up two virtual hosts or by using a single virtual host and just having a rewrite set up to point to the correct sub directory.

My question originally concerned Apache, but I would be interested in knowing if there's a best practice for Nginx's Server Block as well.

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I'd use two virtual hosts because rewriting tends to get messy pretty fast.

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Rewrite the subdomain should be faster because it does not need to go and read the configuration of your virtual host, still , might be miliseconds (unless the apache is not working well), otherwise I think the best is to do it in a virtual host,due you can manage it from a better way and you dont need to wait for refresh.

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Not convinced. If you do a rewrite in .htaccess that'll be slower. If you do it in the apache config it still needs to be read and might generate an internal second request - depending on the nature of the redirect. – Steve Kemp Sep 11 '12 at 13:36

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