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Possible Duplicate:
port number of SQL Server

Can any one guide me on How can I change the default port of Microsoft SQL Server in my Windows VPS?

I am using Windows 2008 as my operating System and Microsoft SQL 2008 in my VPS

please help me asap.

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If you want to change alternative port for MSSQL remote access, please perform following steps :

Go to Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Under SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for SQLEXPRESS -> TCP/IP -> under protocol tab Enable it. -> Under IP Address Tab give Port Number in front of TCP Port field.

Click on Apply & OK.

Restart SQL Services.

Now you can login to your SQL Server using your given port.

Hope this helps you.

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If you open Sql Server Confirguration Manager on the VPS (Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server XXXX -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager).

Expand Native Configuration and select Client Protocols and then right click on TCP/IP on the right hand side.

Change the value in default port to whatever value you want it to be instead, apply and restart your SQL server.

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