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Okay here's the problem:

I'm using cpanel. I am trying to set up spamtitan. If anyone has done this before than that should be enough information to answer the question, comically enough.

Now for the longer explanation...

I can have the MX record set to the spamtitan's ip. My spamtitan server is on cloud so it sends to the ip of the cloud server, spamtitan reads that it is okay and sends it back to my domain. This is where the problem persists. What next?

Smarthost is what has been offered but I haven't seen this working:

driver = manualroute
transport = remote_smtp
route_list = ????????????

Basically the smartroute as far as I know should be "if it's not from spamtitan let the mx record send it to spamtitan". If it has already been through spamtitan, send it to the email server.

However I have tried this and it causes a loop due to the fact that when it sends it to the email server it goes back through the MX record.

But even at that I'm not sure if the smarthost is actually catching anything or not. It should be able to tell if my spamtitan cloud server is the one sending the mail, correct?

Therefore could I not leave the MX record pointing at my domain and have a smarthost that sends ALL MAIL except for the mail that has been sent by my spamtitan cloud to my spamtitan cloud?

so normal mail --> my server --> not from spamtitan, therefore --> cloud spamtitan server --> my server --> is from spamtitan, therefore --> recieved to mail

Which would be:

driver = manualroute
transport = remote_smtp
route_list = ! 

(or is it !+ ?) I had something like this up and the "logical" plan didn't work at all. Edit: For instance just trying this exact thing now gets me an 'infinite' loop. I figure this is because the '! part is faulty. Why? I can only presume that it is because when spamtitan sends the email back to my domain it does not have any attached identified that says "yes I am from". Would this be correct? If so, how would I remedy this?

Long story short, I have no idea what I am doing after spending 3 weeks on it. Please help ;_;

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Apparently even though it's a cloud client, the MX record requires the setting local mail exchanger rather than remote. I can't believe I didn't find this anywhere.

Time for seppuku.

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