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I'm currently using rsync on a script that deploys a PHP application from a staging to a production server. Here is how:

rsync -rzai --progress --stats --ignore-times --checksum /tmp/app_export/ root@app.com:/var/www/html/app/

This is currently outputting a list of every file that's being compared (every file in the project), but I'd like it to output only the modified ones, so I can run it with a --dry-run option to check that every deploy is updating only the desired files.

NOTE: The best I could do so far is grep fcst the results, but I'm looking for an rsync option that I'm sure it's there but I can't find it in the man pages.

Thanks in advance!

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If there's an rsync option to do exactly what you're asking, I didn't find it in the manpage either. :-)

That said, I don't see the problem with grepping the output of rsync -i to parse out exactly what you need. That feels nice and Unixy to me.

One nit-picky quibble with your rsync command: the -r is redundant, as it is implied by -a.

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Thanks man. I wonder why (with the variety of options this program has) there isn't an option for that. Seems pretty basic for me. –  Mauro Sep 11 '12 at 22:15

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