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How do I configure access.conf so that the following rule is applied? :

Allow the user dia to connect from 192.152.100. Deny the user sim to connect from 192.152.100. Particularity : both the users dia (uid = 8389753) and sim (uid = 500) belong to the group sim (gid = 500) Yes, the user and group sim have the same name and the same id.

With the follwing syntax,

- : sim : 192.152.100.

the user sim is denied, as well as dia (because dia belongs to the group sim). access.conf considers sim as being both the user and group.

How do I specify that I want to deny the user sim, but at the same time allow the user dia ?

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Have you tried this yet:

+ : dia : 192.152.100.
- : sim : 192.152.100.

It's working fine on my CentOS.

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