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I have really no knowledge about SCOM and a very little knowledge about JMX protocol. What I am trying to achieve is I have a HelloWorld application which has an HelloWorldMBean works perfectly fine when you check it out with JConsole or with JBOSS JMX Management Console.

Yet when i tried to get it worked with SCOM 12 , i have failed ...

the set up i have at the moment is with in the same network i have a machine that scom runs , and there is a local JBOSS running on my machine.

I have tried and installed management packs for JBOSS and JEE monitoring , installed that SCOM agent to my computer where JBOSS is.. I installed BeanSpy to monitor via JMX (eventhou i don't really know that if i need that or not)..

Yet, when i try to check my computers status from SCOM UI , I cant see my JBOSS server there... and when i try to add a JEE Application Availability Monitoring from Authoring , Management Templates , i cant select any destination management packs suitable for jee and there exists no application to target..

I would appriciate if someone can point out a best practice , or any reasource|tutorial


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