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I am making a series of configuration changes on Junos EX- 2200 switch.I have this router connected to another PC via an ethernet cable.The IP address of the switch is am able to ping from to and vice-versa.

After the changes I make I do the following commands

set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit
set system archival configuration archive-sites "scp://karthik@" password godfather


Where there is a user with user-name "karthik " and password "godfather".The path shown above also exists in the system

How ever I don't see the configuration file sw1_config_1.txt created at the path specified.

Also I have verified that sshd is running on the PC (

Am I doing something wrong here?

It would be great if anyone could help me out.

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You don't need to include the filename. JunOS will name the file itself:

Change it to this:

set system archival configuration archive-sites "scp://karthik@" password godfather

Make sure to delete your old archive sites (since it doesn't replace them with the new value).

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