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I'm trying to enable one the alarm of my server's raid controller PERC 5/i.

Using this documentation, under the chapter Audible Alarm Warnings, it's explained that enabling an audible alarm is allowed in order to quickly spot failures on my hard disks.

My trouble is that when entering the disk controller configuration (Ctrl+R at boot time), I'm able to set up lot of things but I cannot navigate to Enable Audible Alarm. I have :

  • Enable Controller BIOS
  • Enable Alarm
  • Enable BIOS stop on Error

I can navigate with my arrow keys to both the first and third items, but I cannot navigate to or select the second! It's not greyed out, and seems like I should be able to select go on this entry, but my cursor keep skipping it.

Any ideas about what I'm missing here?

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Yup. You're missing the fact that the PERC5/i cards (the internal variants) do not have an audible alarm. The PERC5/e cards (the "external" variants) do.

You should probably set up a more reliable alarm mechanism like email or SMS notifications anyway, honestly.


For a more official source of this information, see the Dell support e-document here.

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Thank you for your answer ! Yeah, I know that would definitely the best way to go but our server is driving a automation machine that is not (at least for now) connected to any network. We'll have to correct this sooner than expected :) – Andy M Sep 13 '12 at 9:38

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