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I have a machine, which cannot fetch some files from remote servers by FTP. Machine is powered by CentOS. I tested FTP on three files:

12.09.2012  21:21           166 007 ll091212.002
13.09.2012  11:32            23 040 ll091212.003
13.09.2012  11:50            61 313 ll091212.004

From them, I can always successfully download only one - ll091212.004. Two others are downloaded by about 90% (I can see them on disk) and then FTP transfer hangs without any error messages.

I move files, copy them about the remote server - no luck. Another machine from the same subnet can download all three of them easily.

I just don't know what's the reason of this.

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double check if the disk is full, or any software like anti-virus stops it from completing the downloads. – Raptor Sep 13 '12 at 9:30

You can also check your firewall and look for ip-based traffic limitations

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