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I have installed a NAS4Free on a VM, and as recommended, I installed it on a 1GB virtual disk, and assigned another disk 500GB to this VM for file storage.

I have created the disk, encrypted it, created a ZFS virtual disk, and then a ZFS storage pool. Everything was working. On every restart of this VM I needed to go on and mount the encrypted drive.

Recently I upgraded the host machine, and now I can't mount or make it work. I have tried removing everything and setting up from scratch everything, with the exception of formatting the disk. I have used an encrypted one without formatting it.

Does anybody have any suggestion on how I can at least get back my data? Can I somehow mount the encrypted drive even in another utility, just need to get back the data that was on it?

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More details please – Chopper3 Sep 13 '12 at 15:22
Sure yeah, the following appears in the ZFS Storage Pool, and the mounted disk does not appear anywhere: Name: StoragePool; Size: Unknown; Used: Unknown; Free: Unknown; Capacity: Unknown; Dedup: Unknown; Health: Unknown; AltRoot: Unknown – MiNT Sep 14 '12 at 7:44

This one fixed my problem :)

After added the disk has ZFS pool in disk management...

Go to

ZFS > Configuration > Detected > import > import again (force to imported has it adviced) ...

the configuration will appear.

Go to

ZFS > Synchronise to apply the configuration.

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