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On Computer A, I have a public and private key for my github account. When I use this machine directly, using a connected keyboard and display, I can do all the git remote repo commands, like git pull and git push, as well as ssh -vv All this works and uses the proper ssh keypair.

But if I log into Computer A from Computer B, and then try the same stuff as above, I can't seem to get the same ssh keys to work with GitHub's servers. There is absolutely no difference here, except that I am controlling Computer A via an ssh connection, rather than directly via the computer's keyboard.

What's going on here exactly, and how can I learn more about it?

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I'd say it's possible that you've got agent forwarding enabled on your connection from Computer B which results in keys on B overriding keys on A.

Github has documentation describing how you can use ssh -T on their servers to check your connection. Use ssh -T -vvv to see what's going on and which keys are being pulled.

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