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Good day everyone. Im going through my adventure in the cloud. I have this deal, never done it before so i don't know where to start, i would like some directions.

I have a client that currently they store their websites in GoDaddy (super sucks i know) and besides emails, he purchased some "email plans" (GoDaddy doesnt have a cPanel like normal servers) so webhosting is one thing and the emails are completely separate thing.

This is i want to achieve:

  • get the main domain of the company point to the EC2 instance that works like a charm.
  • keep the emails handled by godaddy. (i think Amazon's SES is not made for regular use)

Is this possible? Having the domain point to EC2 and still receiving emails at godaddy?

I have one Elastic IP and i can access the sites just by typing the address in any browser.

What should i do?

It's as easy as changing the DNS for the domain to the elastic IP and wait a few hours? Does this affects the email delivering?

Thanks in advance. Any help, really aprecciate it.

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Yes it is possible. See my answer here for an explanation. You'll basically be leaving all DNS records alone except for the records that correspond to the web site (A or CNAME).

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You are all over the place good joewerty :D. Im taking a look to your answer. – Richard-MX Sep 13 '12 at 22:59
LOL. I work from home most days so I have a lot of time to peruse the questions here. – joeqwerty Sep 13 '12 at 23:04
You work from home? i'll join the home-workers club because im working from home too. So, i've read your answer. If i understand everything, i just need to point the domain to the elastic ip, right? this is easy on typical cPanel Linux Apache combos, but Amazon/WindowsServer/IIS its another thing. – Richard-MX Sep 13 '12 at 23:08
I would personally recommend against pointing the naked domain to the web server. Just point a www A record to the web server. You'll do this in DNS zone for the domain in question. I'm assuming that GoDaddy hosts the DNS zone for the domain so you'll do it somewhere in the GoDaddy account management portal. – joeqwerty Sep 13 '12 at 23:15
Ok, found it. Under [ A (Host) ] i have three items: @, admin and web. @ item points to one ip that ends at 202 and admin & web point to another ip that ends in 170. Below, there's a [CNAME (Alias)] section with several items. Should i point the "web" item under A (Hosts) to the Elastic IP? Sorry for all these questions, im a total noob doing this things ... – Richard-MX Sep 13 '12 at 23:22

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