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We are running mongo for 4 months so far , But lately I am seeing a lot of

SocketException handling request, closing client connection: 9001 socket exception [2] server []

How can I know the cause of this error ? Is it related to code issue or administrator configuration?

We have Fedora 16 server , mongo version 2.0.7

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First off, take a look and follow the steps outlined here:

Next, look for any ulimit issues on the target host (a new file descriptor is required for a new socket and can cause the error):

Finally, there are a couple of issues related to idle connections being used when they should not be, and that can also contribute to this type of issue:

Until SERVER-5632 is complete, the only remedy here is to flush the connections by restarting the mongod/mongos processes.

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I got this to stop happening by adding a batchSize option arg to my cursor query

e.g. before:

var cursor = db.collection('images').find( {}, {"_id": 1} ).sort({"_id": 1});


var cursor = db.collection('images').find( {}, {"_id": 1} ).sort({"_id": 1}).batchSize(1000);

This made it run smoother (not as many start/stops) and with fewer nasty messages. None in fact.

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