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Is there a way to to setup hardware raid 1 or 5 on an Intel D865GLC motherboard using ATA/IDE drives?

I am aware of various Linux software raid solutions but I would like to try Hardware raid. There seems o be a few sata raid drivers for this board but as stated earlier I am looking for something that will work with IDE/ATA


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That board does not have a hardware RAID solution. You can create a RAID volume using the controller built into the board, but it will still be a software RAID, as there is no dedicated XOR processor, dedicated cache, or cache battery.

edit: It looks like creating a RAID volume is only supported with SATA anyway on that board.

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You should have a read of this question about hardware raid and fake raid. Even if the board supported using it on the ata drives I wouldn't use it over linux software raid.

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