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So I got

Host: Hyper-v enabled machine with four NICs, only one enabled. Network type: External

IP configuration are correct for both host and guest (getting it from the DHCP of the company network)

The same configuration works on a machine with single NIC

But With this other machine, with 4 NICs, there is no Internet in the guest, actually it can't ping any IP expect the host (pings host IP only, not the name)

I searched the Internet and did every solution, more than once, with no success.

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Please provide details about the actual network configuration: physical NIC, virtual switch, network adapter of the VM. A statement "The same configuration works somewhere else" does not provide any kind of useful information. – Ansgar Wiechers Sep 16 '12 at 15:25

Have you tried manually configuring the NIC inside the VM?

It sounds like a mis-configured Virtual Network, have you confirmed that the correct NIC is bound to the Virtual Network Switch. I have a Dell server, that is very confusing to tell that on.

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